Types of Damp

No property owner wants to learn they have a moisture problem within the home. However, when a problem of this type is detected, the situation must be addressed immediately. The problem is that many homeowners don’t know where to turn in this situation. They must rely on the person they hire for honest and accurate information or determine if they can take steps to repair the structure on their own. The first step involves determining what type of damp is present. Following are the three common types of moisture problems seen in a property.


Damp areas that are the result of condensation are typically easy to detect. Often, this is nothing more than a symptom of inadequate ventilation in the area and may appear as mold in either the kitchen or bathroom. Once the ventilation issue has been corrected, the homeowner may need to paint the area with special paint or replaster. However, the problem typically doesn’t appear again.

Penetrating Damp

A number of things can bring about penetrating damp. For example, a broken pipe may be the issue or it may be the ground around the perimeter of the home encourages water to collect in a basement. The first step is to determine the underlying cause and then determine if damp proofing is required to prevent future issues. The solution may involve cementitious tanking to seal the interior of the basement with cement, as this helps to prevent damp from the ground outside entering the home.

Rising Damp

Individuals who have a problem with Rising Damp find they need to call in the professionals for help in rectifying the situation. In many cases, it occurs because the damp proof course in the exterior walls is missing, faulty, or damaged. Any pooling of water at the base of a wall can bring about this problem as well as pipes that are leaking at the base. Repairs to the damp proof course will resolve the problem.

When choosing a provider to address the moisture problem, a property owner must check their credentials, learn more about their reputation, and ask about any warranty offered on the work. The home is an investment in a person’s future and must be protected as such. Don’t delay in addressing an issue of this type. Timely repairs can help keep costs down and ensure additional damage does not occur.

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